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June 9, 1997

MISINFORMATION of the Week -- No. 9 in a Series

The State of California says:

"stray, nonbreeding ferrets could have serious impacts on local wildlife populatons."

Boyd Gibbons, Director
California Department of Fish and Game
Letter & Ferret Fact Sheet
March 25, 1994

What others say:

"Lost ferrets are rarely found and usually die soon after escape."

State of New Jersey
Department of Environmental Protection

"Domesticated Ferrets have become so dependent upon humans that they cannot survive without care if lost and often die within a few days."

The Encyclopedia Brittanica
Volume 4, pages 746-747

"...domestic ferrets... can survive only in captivity."

Leigh Ann Sawyer, DVM, MPH
United States Public Health Service
Letter, January 28, 1986

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