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May 9, 1997

MISINFORMATION of the Week -- No. 7 in a Series

The State of California says:

"Ferrets... have contributed to the extinction of 20 species of New Zealand birds and have pushed many to the brink of extinction."

Attributed to Carolyn King, author of "Immigrant Killers," by Drs. Constantine & Kizer in "Pet European Ferrets: A Hazard to Public Health, Small Livestock and Wildlife."

The above statement does not appear anywhere in "Immigrant Killers."

What does appear in "Immigrant Killers" is the following:

"There is not a single known extinction or diminution in New Zealand that can be regarded as definitely and solely due to (ferrets and other) mustelids... Overseas the story is the same: only 1 percent of 163 extinctions recorded from Islands all over the world since 1600, have been attributed to mustelids (ferrets, stoats, weasels and polecats) compared with 26% attributed to cats and 54% attributed to rats."

"Immigrant Killers"
Carolyn King, Ph.D.
Page #106
Scientific Editor
Royal Society of New Zealand

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