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March 13, 1997

MISINFORMATION of the Week -- No. 3 in a Series

The State of California says:

"Ferrets... prey upon... poultry..."

Boyd Gibbons, Director
California Deptartment of Fish and Game
Letter and Ferret Fact Sheet
March 25, 1994

But others say:

"Our board felt that allowing domestic ferrets to be owned as pets will not threaten or hurt the California Poultry industry."

Bill Mattos, President
California Poultry Industry Federation
Letter, February 3, 1994

"We are not opposed to AB 2497 (Bill to legalize ferrets in 1994)..."

Richard L. Matteis, Ex. VP
Pacific Egg & Poultry Assn.
Letter, March 7, 1994

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