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March 7, 1997

MISINFORMATION of the Week -- No. 2 in a Series

The State of California says:

"...ferrets prey upon... waterfowl..."

Boyd Gibbons, Director
Calif. Dept. of Fish & Game
Letter, March 25, 1994

But others say:

"The domestic Ferret is not considered a threat to waterfowl."

Ducks Unlimited
Letter, March 6, 1996

"...(we have) never heard of any problem with domestic ferrets destroying waterfowl (duck) eggs and ... we have never encountered any domestic ferrets in the fields."

Delta Waterfowl Foundation
Letter, February 11, 1997

"In the 30 year history of research conducted by Northern Prairie Science Center on nesting waterfowl, domestic ferrets have never been identified or considered as a predator of duck nests."

United States Department of the Interior
Letter, February 19, 1997

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