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Know Your Legislator

AB 647 passed the State Senate NRW Committee on June 28, 2005! Find your State Senator and keep writing!

Search For Your Representative

Enter a California zip code to find what Legislators represent that area.

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[Ed. note: I borrowed this search engine from the Legislative Counsel of California. Since this is an off-site search engine, you must use the 'Back' button on your browser to get back here. There is some pretty good information at their web site, but this search engine, at times, returns incomplete results (i.e., no Senator information)].

Know the Next Committee:

Now you know who your representative is, does he/she sit on an upcoming committee?

Senate Appropriations Committee

Start writing now if you found your representative on one of these committees.

State Legislature Rosters:

Assembly Members' Home Pages
Assembly Members' Addresses
Senators' Home Pages
Senators' Addresses

Know Our Author:

Assembly Member Paul Kortez's Home Page

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