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Postcard Mailing for Governor, Please help!


I decided to donate 218 Ferret Postcard books for a mailing to the Governor. That represents just under $2,000 of my product! So I need your help with the postage (printing on the back will come to $304.41, a real deal since the postcards themselves are being donated)! But here's where I desperately need your help-- STAMPS! These postcards must be mailed first class and we need 4,446 first class stamps so we can get these postcards mailed out! Can you please send a roll or two of first class stamps to my address below? Also, if anyone would like to donate lables, we need the 1"x2&5/8" mailing lables and will need them 30 per sheet. I generally buy the Avery labels, product number 8460. I think they cost about $30.00 for 3,000 of them.

I'm looking at having volunteers come by my house on the morning of August 28th around 9:00 if possible. That should give me time to get the postcards printed and get stamps donated and labels printed. If you plan on donating lables, please let me know!

Send your donations to:

Jeanne Carley
Californians for Ferret Legalization
410 Mountain Home Road
Woodside, CA 94062

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