Californians for Ferret Legalization

Bill Information

Know the Bill We Want to Pass:

Assembly Bill 647

An act to amend Section 2118 of, and to add Sections 2118.1 and 2188 to, the Fish and Game Code, and to amend Section 121790 of the Health and Safety Code, relating to wild animals.

Please refer to this bill number (AB 647) as you contact (i.e., call, write, fax, email) your representatives.

Steps Remaining (when all goes well):

Action Currently Needed:

It is extremely important you write your State Senator, especially if they are on the next committee. Please encourage your friends and family to write also.

If you do not know who your State Senator is, or what their address is, go to the Legislators search page and enter your zip code.

Done that?? Then write the Governor!

His address is:

Governor Schwarzenegger, Governor's Office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814


The Governor's number is: 916 445-2841

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